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South America's cultural and natural resources are impressive, but they call for help. Donate for better social and environmental sustainability.

Be our partner in South America, because forests and rivers have no borders

In addition to the cultural importance of our continent, South America is also home to some of the most fascinating ecosystems on the planet, nourished and preserved by ancestral populations.



of the world's wildlife has been extinct in just over 40 years (Source: WWF).

6 billion

60% of all protected natural areas and indigenous territories of the Amazon are under some pressure or threat (Source: Amazonian Georeferenced Socioenvironmental Information Network - Raisg)

Today our greatest resources are the target of rampant exploitation, the effects will be felt throughout the planet. In times of climate change, our call is to care for our natural heritage, strengthening local communities living in harmony with nature.

of people will live in cities without sufficient water by 2050 (Source: World Water Forum).

Every 72 hours



The CASA Socio-Environmental Fund is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that finances small projects and strengthens social and environmental initiatives by NGOs and community groups in South America. Our strategy is to support many projects with small values rather than supporting few projects with Great values. These small investments, combined with an integrated view of the territory, generate significant and distributed impacts.

Most local biomes span the territories of many countries. This is also how the CASA Fund works. We are a Brazilian fund that operates in an integrated manner throughout South America to ensure that the impact generated really responds to the complexity of local realities in such diverse regions where a single solution would not fit.



countries reached in South America


millions of dollars invested


supported organizations and projects


of the groups received their first support from the Fundo CASA

Tiago Orunesu

The Fundo CASA can, through its sensitivity, identify small organizations with relevant projects to address the social and environmental issues of their communities. We do not always have the resources to make our projects viable, but with the support of the CASA Fund, many small, large projects are being carried out across South America.


Assoc. for Community Education and Support for Farming

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Legacy & Endowment
Leave a legacy for future generations! Dispose of your assets and values to the social and environmental cause in South America.
Legacy & Endowment
We are seeking partnerships to continue to make relevant impacts on society and local ecosystems.
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